On March 27, 2021, ACE Climate SABC celebrated the graduation of 14 students in MSc in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity conservation. A program which has been commenced in 2017 with the fund from the World Bank, ACE Climate SABC at Haramaya University successfully graduates its Masters of Science students of the second Cohort in the field of both Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation.

Of 14 graduates, eight (8) of them are graduated in Climate Smart Agriculture, whereas six (6) are graduated in Biodiversity conservation. All of the graduates are females, except one male graduate. Seven (7) of the graduates are regional students coming from different countries of eastern and southern Africa, whereas five (5) are Ethiopian nationals.

New entry Ph.D. and MSc students have been welcomed and introduced to the invited guests from Haramaya University on the graduation ceremony. Deputy center leader of ACE climate SABC, Dr. Bobe Bedadi, has extended his welcoming address and thanked the new students for choosing ACE at Haramaya University for their postgraduate studies. He also addressed that, within the opportunities and challenges we come across in our academic endeavors, new students need to openly communicate matters pertaining to their learning and effectively utilize the available resources in order to achieve their educational goals. He also said new students should use guest lecturers and their time as effectively as possible.

For graduating students, Deputy Center Leader, Dr. Bobe Bedadi has extended his congratulations and says, we have been using some opportunities and many challenges and that is now over.  You have overcome the challenges and now successfully graduated. Congratulations!  Now all of you have plans for the ways forward to your futures and don’t forget that you are our alumni. He says, you don’t have to forget to make in contact of us in your future professional drives.

In a closing remark he made on the occasion, Dr. Feyera Dinsa, Director for Postgraduate Program directorate, says that ACE Climate SABC is one of the unique programs we have in Haramaya University, since students coming from different countries of Africa learn from intercultural interactions with regional students, and encouraged students to use this opportunity for their educational successes.

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