Short Courses 

As part of its activity, the Center embarks on top quality short term courses for faculty, students and stakeholders to ensure self-sustainability of the center in the long run. The center will extensively work on high-standard trainings and short courses with the use of highly qualified resource persons at a national and international level.

Skill oriented trainings will be conducted in partnership with national and regional stakeholders operating in the area of climate smart agriculture, biodiversity conservation focusing on helpful technologies, practices and policies for climate adaptation and mitigation.

These efforts are meant to beef up the capacity of the center towards successfully mobilizing partners and funding agencies to enable students come up with cutting edge researches supported by state of the art technologies.

The following are some of the courses designed by the Center.

  • Innovative teaching approaches and methods
  • ICT
  • Laboratory techniques
  • Effective scientific writing and communication

Pictured above: Short course given on Climate Modelling by Purdue University Professor Mathew Huber