ACE Climate SABC  strives to be one of the leading African Center of Excellence with international reputation by 2025.



The Mission of ACE Climate SABC is to produce competent graduates in diverse fields of study, undertake rigorous, problem solving and cutting edge researches,disseminate knowledge and technologies, and provide demand-driven and transformative community services.



“Venturing to a resilient future



To improve the quality of postgraduate education and research in eastern and southern Africa to foster enhanced capacity to adapt and mitigate effects of climate change and weather variability, and ensure biodiversity conservation more effectively in the region.

Specific objectives

  • Produce skilled MSc and PhD graduates in ‘climate smart agriculture and biodiversity conservation’ that are enabled to address current and emerging developmental challenges.
  • Generate new knowledge and quality research outputs as well as promote technological innovations to address national and regional development challenges.
  • Enhance knowledge, skills and scholarship and research culture of faculty and technical personnel at universities to lead a more effective, result-oriented, and high quality post-graduate training with cutting edge research.
  • Upgrade teaching and research facilities (laboratories, ICT services, greenhouses, lath houses, meteorological stations, research farms, etc.).
  • Strengthen national, regional, and international collaborations and partnerships to enhance exchange of science and technology skills, experience, and expertise.
  • Foster specialization in specific areas of excellence and collaboration with emerging higher education institutions.
  • Establish a program for continued funding to sustain high quality postgraduate training and cutting edge research in climate smart agriculture and biodiversity conservation in the region.