Short Courses and Research Thematic Areas

For continued institutional capacity development, skill enhancing short courses are being developed that enable students do cutting edge research supported by state of the art technologies to generate climate smart technologies and policy relevant knowledge and information.

The center also supports short term training of faculty and support staff at the other ACEs. Research thematic areas have also been developed for the center.

To this end, the center has established working groups consisting of senior faculty of Haramaya University for developing research thematic areas in five focus areas, namely:

  • Climate Smart Crop Production and Management
  • Climate Smart Livestock Production and Management
  • Climate Smart Soil and Water Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization
  • Policies, Institutions, and Innovation for Climate SABC

The five working groups have developed the final draft of the center’s research thematic areas to be used as an input for further deliberation. Hence, the next step would be organizing a workshop with the objective of creating a platform whereby academia, industry and service sector, policy domain, and ACE Climate SABC national, regional and international partners will:

  • Deliberate on on-going research, state of science and technology in the Eastern and Southern African region to address challenges being posed by climate change and extreme weather events to economic development, poverty reduction, food security, and sustaining the productivity and resilience of natural and agricultural ecosystem.
  • Identify and critically examine knowledge gaps to be addressed in the next 5-10 years.
  • Establish themes and set priority national and regional research agenda.

Once established, the research thematic area will guide postgraduate research and other collaborative research endeavor that the center is expected to initiate and implement together with national, regional and international organizations and development partners.