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Kedist Teshome

Kidist Teshome (MSc)

My name is Kidist Teshome and I am graduated from ACE Climate SABC, Haramaya University, in Masters of Science in Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management.

I was one of the students who have long experience in the Haramaya University that has eased my stay at African Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation. It was so easy for me since I am familiar with the academic culture of the University.

I have a good relationship with regional students. As you know, Ethiopians are very famous in accommodating guests and we have no competent in this respect.

Though challenges are natural in academic life, success is inevitable. Hardworking, patience and determinations have helped me to succeed. I didn’t give up to accomplish the things I had planned even under hardships.

I don’t forget one of the problems I encountered during my research endeavor on the fieldwork. That was while I was collecting my data, I missed my way to the destination. Some individuals have mistakenly shown me the wrong direction, luckily, the matter has been resolved wisely at the end.

Violah K

Violah Kishoine (MSc)

My name is Violah Kishoin, a Kenyan by nationality. Before joining Haramaya university in November 2018, I had graduated from Egerton university with a Bachelor of science degree in environmental science in 2014. And afterwards, I worked in a couple of non-governmental organizations, my latest work place was at Village Enterprise. I am passionate about environmental conservation and I hope to be among the thought leaders in this field as we seek to achieve sustainable development.

Here in the Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation, I studied Masters in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management. I got a warm welcome when I got here and this made me feel at home and be ready to embark on the journey of learning at Haramaya University. Haramaya University is known to be among the best agricultural universities in the horn of Africa. That was exciting to get trained in the best institutions. Haramaya University provides a good environment for learning as it is well equipped with resources. For instance, the post-graduate library has up-to date books and hence as students, we were always in touch with what is happening. Similarly, the internet coverage is everywhere in the campus and this makes it easy to do assignments or online related research activities. Haramaya University has also a very beautiful environments with well-maintained Lawns and Trees. This made my evening walks very consistent as the beautiful scenery acted as a good motivation.

Quinter O

Quinter Oginga (MSc)

Studied Masters of Science in Climate Smart Agriculture with the scholarship opportunity granted by the African Center of excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity conservation (ACE Climate SABC), Haramaya University. The University offers a peaceful and conducive environment for learning. The boarding facility and lecture halls provided by Haramaya University are to a good standard. Learning in Ethiopia provided me a good opportunity to experience different African cultures, languages and lifestyles. I did not experience any cultural barrier that would have affected my learning experience during the two years.

The different cultures have, of course, enhanced my learning opportunities from different Professors who have been joining the Center from national, regional and international institutions. Course delivery by faculty members from Haramaya University, universities in and out of Africa provided enriching learning packages. The courses were well delivered and assessed. Field trips, group works, and presentations were common methods of learning and the lessons I learnt. Also, valuable lessons learned from research experience was good organization, flexibility in implementing research activities.


Uwimbabazi Agnes (MSc)

Before joining ACE Climate SABC, I had pleasure to be teacher of Biology and Chemistry at Centre scholaire Nyange and female volunteer in Sabyinyo Community and Livelihood Association, where I participated in different project related to reducing the threats to fragile ecosystem, Volcanoes National Park in Northern Rwanda. Through this opportunity, I have experienced that biodiversity is highly being threatened under changing climate in tropical regions and that a woman can play a significant role in conserving biodiversity, teaching new generation and maintaining important indigenous knowledge for sustainable biodiversity conservation for now and future generation. This initiated me to pursue a masters course in the field of natural resource management or environmental science in order to extend my significant contributions in sustainable biodiversity conservation.

Informed by my elder brother, I came to know the Center through the IUCEA scholarship call for application and I tried to apply to different universities. By chance, I was admitted and awarded a scholarship by Haramaya University and now I am finishing an MSC degree in Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management.