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Research Themes

Background and Rational

Producing the next generation of skilled human capital and supporting applied research is the core business of the Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation. The main aim of applied research at the center is to generate technologies, practices, and policy-relevant evidence oriented towards combating the negative impact of climate change on sustainable agricultural productivity growth and biodiversity conservation in Eastern and Southern Africa. The center runs research-based postgraduate training both at MSc and PhD levels. Hence, applied, problem-solving and impact-oriented research activities are carried out mainly by postgraduate students, under the supervision of faculty at Haramaya University and elsewhere in the country and scholars drawn from the region and beyond.

Among the deliverables expected of ACE Climate SABC activities is the generation and dissemination of at least twenty technologies to enhance agricultural productivity, socio-economic development, and biodiversity management under climate change and climate variability. Research at the center is also expected to generate knowledge and information to inform development policies and practices for promoting sustainable agricultural development and biodiversity management under changing climate.

Identifying, prioritizing, and systematically categorizing existing knowledge gaps in addressing the challenge of meeting the growing demand for food, fiber and fuel while protecting the natural resource-base (biodiversity) in the context of climate change is the first critical step in designing and implementing need-based and impact-oriented research. To this end, the center has established working groups consisting of senior faculty of Haramaya University for developing research thematic areas in five focus areas, namely:

  • Climate Smart Crop Production and Management
  • Climate Smart Livestock Production and Management
  • Climate Smart Soil and Water Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization
  • Policies, Institutions, and Innovation for Climate SABC
    Once established, the research thematic area will guide postgraduate research and other collaborative research endeavor that the center is expected to initiate and implement together with national, regional and international organizations and development partners.


    Climate Smart Crop Production and Management
    Areas of Research Focus (Priorities)


    Climate Smart Soil and Water Management
    Theme: Natural Resources Management and Climate Change


    Climate Smart Livestock and Fisheries Production
    And Management


    Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Under Climate Change
    Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Research Thematic and Priority Areas
    Themes and sub-themes of Research Priorities


    Policy, Institution, and Innovation for Climate Smart
    Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation

    Research Grant Managements

    In Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (ACE climate SABC), PhD students are entitled to a research grant a maximum of which cannot exceed 8000.00 USD whereas MSc students can utilize a maximum of 3000.00 USD for their theses research. Moreover, 2000.00 USD and 1000.00 USD were budget to cover some administrative costs related to supervision and examination of a PhD dissertation and an MSc thesis, respectively. For better management of the research fund, the ACE Climate SABC has an internal rule that the research grant for PhD research is released to the students in three equal installments (i.e., each installment amounts to 8000/3 = 2667 USD). The first installment for the PhD research is released when the student submits an action plan approved by his/her local supervisor. The second and third installments are released upon the full settlements of the installments already utilized, the submission of the progress report with the utilized installment/s, and action plan for the requested installments. The same modality is used for the MSc research except the research fund for MSc research is released in two equal installments of 1500.00 USD each.