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About Me

Bobe Bedadi Woreka (PhD), Male
Associate Professor in Soil Science
Deputy Center Leader of ACE Climate SABC


ARTP/World Bank Fellowship: 2001-2004
SWAM/Sida SAREC Scholarship: 1995-1997

depty leader

Bobe Bedadi (PhD), Deputy Center Leader



PhD in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (2004) with specialization in Soil and Water Conservation, University of Pretoria, South Africa;


M.Sc in Soil Science (1999), University of Nairobi, Kenya


B.Sc. with Distinction (August 1993) in Arid Zone Agriculture (Soil and Water Conservation), Alemaya University, Ethiopia.



• Taught several postgraduate and undergraduate courses in the area of soil sciences; and soil and water conservation and management (including Soil and Water Conservation, Soil Reclamation and Management, Soil Science and Agricultural Land Evaluation, Climate Resilient Crop Production Systems (partial), Current Topics in Soil Science, Current Topics and Graduate seminars in Irrigation Agronomy, Graduate Seminar in Soil Science and Graduate Seminar in Climate Smart Agriculture for postgraduate students;
• Supervised and still supervising more than 60 MSc and 28 PhD students.
• Reviewed several research papers for publication in different journals


Developed and implemented several projects as a PI and co-investigator including;
• Core team member, PI and Deputy Center Leader of a World Bank funded project entitled ‘Africa Center of Excellence in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation’ at Haramaya University, Ethiopia, since October 2017.
• Coordinator of Alliance for Green Revolution Program for African Seed Systems (AGRA PASS) project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since October 2012.
• PI for Agricultural Innovations and Communication Management (AICM) project funded by RUFORUM (Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Africa)
• Co-investigator of a research project entitled "Improving wheat productivity in Harerghe highlands of Ethiopia', In-Situ Water Harvesting Project as well as a DIF project entitled ‘ Strengthening Soil Chemistry Laboratory at Haramaya University
• Member of project proposal development team for AGRA (Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa)- Soil Health Program at Haramaya University, Ethiopia
• Member of Biogas Project at Haramaya University
• Member of PASET RSIF Project team
• Member of DAAD Project development team


• Currently serving as Deputy Center Leader for Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation at Haramaya University, Ethiopia.
• Previous positions and community engagement include:

    o Dean of College and Environmental Sciences;
    o Associate Dean of college of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences;
    o Head of School of Plant Sciences;
    o Coordinator of Continuing Education Program at Dire Dawa center;
    o Deputy Dean of students; Research program leader; and Project coordinator.
    o Participated in several community engagement activities: Coordinator of the Continuing Education Program of Alemaya University, Offering trainings; Curriculum Revision at various universities; On-Field supervision; Thesis/Dissertation examination at different universities, etc.


Participated in several (over 30) national, regional (Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Sudan, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi) and international (Germany, Malaysia, China, USA) workshops, trainings and conferences.

In order to upgrade myself, I have attended several trainings including:

Training topic


Farmer-led Irrigation development in Africa

WISE FUTURES, NMAIST, Arusha, Tanzania

Approaches of Active Learning at Education Collaborative

Ashesi University, Accra, Ghana

Monitoring and Evaluation Training

Kampala (Uganda); Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

ASTI (Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation) Training of trainers

Entebbe, Uganda

Training of Trainers Workshops in Educational Quality Improvement Program

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Academic Management Skills Training

Adama/ Nazareth Ethiopia

Research Training in Soil, Water, and Plant Analysis

University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Natural resources management training

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Soil, water, and plant analysis

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Participated on several knowledge sharing events (conferences and workshops) including:

Workshop/Conference Title


Africa Centers of Excellence II Technical and Advisory Meeting

Kigali (Rwanda), Lusaka (Zambia), Accra (Ghana)

African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF)

Kigali (Rwanda); Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Climate Smart Agriculture for Better 2050

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Collaborative Dialogue and Engagement with key partners at Purdue University

Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA

Annual Conference of the American Society of Agronomy, Soil Science Society of America, Crop Science Society of America

Tampa, Florida, USA

First Africa-China-World Bank Education Partnership Forum: Higher Education, Science  and Technology

Beijing and Shanghai, China

RUFORUM (Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture) Biennial conferences

Cape town (South Africa); Entebbe (Uganda); Maputo (Mozambique)

RUFORUM Annual General Meetings
Windhoek (Namibia);

Kigali (Rwanda); Entebbe (Uganda);Mombasa (Kenya); Khartoum ( Sudan)

World Bank African Center of Excellence (ACE II) project development workshop

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

SAFE Regional Stakeholder annual workshop

Kampala, Uganda; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Accra and Cape Coast, Ghana

Borlaug LEAP Alumni Association Conference and Deans of Agriculture meeting

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

FARA 25th Anniversary Celebration and Planning meeting

Johannesburg, South Africa

NEPAD Workshop

Dar Es Salam, Tanzania

Agridiet Project Inception Workshop

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Harnessing Bio carbon opportunities in Ethiopia: showcasing best practice and viable carbon investment prospects

UNCC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Third Africa Water Week

UNECA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sixth GCHERA (Global Consortium of Higher Education Research in Agriculture) Conference

Nairobi, Kenya

Accreditation of Engineering Curricula

Frankfurt- Mainz, Germany


Published more than 60 articles in peer reviewed journals. Here are sample publications of the recent 5 years:
• Alex Zizinga, Jackson Gilbert Majaliwa Mwanjalolo, Britta Tietjen, Bobe Bedadi, Ramon Amaro de Sales and Dennis Beesigamukama. 2022 Simulating Maize Productivity under Selected Climate Smart Agriculture Practices Using AquaCrop Model in a Sub-humid Environment. Sustainability 14, 2036. MPDI
• Solomon Kebebew, Bobe Bedadi, Teklu Erkossa, Fantaw Yimer and Lemma Wogi. 2022. Effect of Different Land Use Types on Soil Properties in Cheha District, South Central Ethiopia. Sustainability, 14 (1323): 1-14. MPDI.
• Alex Zizinga, Jackson Gilbert Majaliwa Mwanjalolo, Britta Tietjen, Bobe Bedadi, Himanshu Pathak, Gabiri Geofrey and Dennis Beesigamukama, 2022. Climate change and maize productivity in Uganda: Simulating the impacts and alleviation with climate smart agriculture practices. Agricultural Systems. ELSEVIER. Accepted 
• Abera Assefa Biratu , Bobe Bedadi, Solomon Gebreyohannes Gebrehiwot, Assefa M Melesse, Tilahun Hordofa Nebi, Wuletawu Abera, Lulseged Tamene Desta, Anthony Egeru, 2022. Ecosystem Service Valuation along Landscape Transformation in Central Ethiopia. Land. In press.
• Zizinga, A.; Mwanjalolo,J.-G.M.; Tietjen, B.; Bedadi, B.; Gabiri,G.; Luswata, K.C. 2022. Effect of Mulching and Permanent Planting Basin Dimensions on Maize (Zea mays L.) Production in a Sub-Humid Climate.Water 14, 79. https://doi.org/10.3390/w14010079
• Alefu Chinasho, Bobe Bedadi,Tesfaye Lemma, Tamado Tana,Tilahun Hordofa, and Bisrat Elias, 2021. Evaluation of Seven Gap-Filling Techniques for Daily Station-Based Rainfall Datasets in South Ethiopia. Advances in Meteorology, Volume 2021, Article ID 9657460, 15 pages https://doi.org/10.1155/2021/9657460. MPDI
• Wycliffe Tumwesigye, Bobe Bedadi , Johnson Atwiine 2021. Effect of Climate Change on Soil Health and Implications on Food Security: A Review . International Research Journal Of Multidisciplinary Technovation. 3(3): 38-46. DOI: https://doi.org/10.34256/irjmt2136
• Abera Assefa Biratu , Bobe Bedadi , Solomon Gebreyohannis Gebrehiwot , Tilahun Hordofa , Desale Kidane Asmamaw & Assefa M. Melesse. 2021. Implications of land management practices on selected ecosystem services in the agricultural landscapes of Ethiopia: a review. International Journal of River Basin Management. DOI: 10.1080/15715124.2020.1870991/
• Ashenafi Woldeselassie, Nigussie Dechassa, Yibekal Alemayehu, Tamado Tana and Bobe Bedadi. 2021. Soil and Water Management Practices as a Strategy to Cope with Climate Change Effects in Smallholder Potato Production in the Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia. Sustainability 2021, 13, 6420.MPDI.
• Dawit Habte, Fassil Kebede, Bobe Bedadi and Lemma Wogi, 2020. Phosphorus sorption–desorption properties of Luvisols and Vertisols, sorption kinetics and models comparison, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis (Taylor and Francis):51 (4): 527-540
• Geremew Taye, Bobe Bedadi and Lemma Wogi. 2020. Applications of lime and phosphorus fertilizer to malt barley for improved yield and soil acidity at Welmera district, Ethiopia. Ethiop.J.Appl.Sci. Technol. Vol.11 (2): 39-50(2020)
• Hagos Mehari, Bobe Bedadi and Fantaw Abegaz. 2020. Maximizing Water Productivity of Maize using Alternate Furrow Irrigation at Clay-loam Soil, Raya valley, Ethiopia . International Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science. 7(2): 771-778,
• Alefu Chinasho and Bobe Bedadi. 2019. Roles of Agroforesty on Climate Resilient Green Economy of Ethiopia: A Review. Journal of Environment and Earth Science, 9 (4):15-18.
• Gobena Negasa, Bobe Bedadi,and Tolera Abera, 2019. Influence of Phosphorus Fertilizer Rates on Yield and Yield Components of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) Varieties in Lemu Bilbilo District of Arsi Zone, Southeastern Ethiopia. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science. 28(3)1-11.
• Lemma Mamo , Bobe Bedadi and Solomon Tamiru. 2019. Spatial and temporal fluctuation of groundwater depth in Amibara, middle Awash, Ethiopia. International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering 11(8):159-169.
• Tesfaye Wakgari, Kibebew Kibret, Bobe Bedadi, Melesse Temesgen, Teklu Erkossa. 2018. Long Term Effects of Cultivation on Physicochemical Properties of Soils at Metahara Sugar Estate. American-Eurasian J. Agric. & Environ. Sci., 18 (5): 246-257
• Geremew Taye, Bobe Bedadi, Lemma Wogi. 2020. Comparison of Lime Requirement Determination methods to Amend Acidic Nitisols in Central highlands of Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 30 (1):35-48
• Mengistu Welemariam; Fassil Kebede; Bobe Bedadi; Emiru Birhane, 2018. Effect of community based soil and water conservation practices on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi types, spore densities, root colonization and soil nutrients in the Northern Highlands of Ethiopia. Accepted for publication in Journal of Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture, 5:9. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40538-018-0121-4. Springer Nature
• Bereket Haileselassie, Bobe Bedadi, Selamyihun Kidanu. 2018. Zinc adsorption in some soils of Tigray region, northern Ethiopia. Accepted for publication in Ethiopian Journal of Natural Resources, 17(2): 107-125.
• Abdissa Bekele , Kibebew Kibret , Bobe Bedadi, Tesfaye Balemi and Markku Yli-Halla. 2018. Effects of lime, vermicompost and chemical P fertilizer on yield of maize in Ebantu District, Western highlands of Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural research. 13(10) :477-489.
• Assefa Gonfa, Anteneh Argaw, Bobe Bedadi, 2018. Effect of bagasse ash and filter cake amendments on wheat (Triticum turgidum L.var. durum) yield and yield components in nitisol. International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture, DOI 10.1007/s40093-018-0209-7
• Mengistu Welemariam,IFassil Kebede , Bobe Bedadi and Emiru Birhane. 2018. The Effect of Community-Based Soil and Water Conservation Practices on abundance and Diversity of Soil Macro invertebrates in the Northern Highlands of Ethiopia. Agronomy 8 (4) 56: 1-15.
• Temesgen T, Ayana M. and Bedadi B. 2018. Evaluating the Effects of Deficit Irrigation on Yield and Water Productivity of Furrow Irrigated Onion (Allium cepa L.) in Ambo, Western Ethiopia. Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering, 7(1):1-6
• Endalkachew Fekadu , Kibebew Kibret, Asmare Melese and Bobe Bedadi, 2018. Yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) as affected by lime, mineral P, farmyard manure, compost and rhizobium in acid soil of Lay Gayint District, northwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Agriculture and Food Security, 7 (16): 1-11. Springer Nature
• Abdissa Bekele, Kibebew Kibret, Bobe Bedadi, Tesfaye Balemi and Markku Yli-Halla . 2018. Effects Of Lime, Vermicompost And Chemical P Fertilizer On Selected Chemical Properties Of Acid Soils At Ebantu District, Western Highlands Of Ethiopia, Applied and Environmental Soil Science. Volume 2018. , Article ID 8178305, 13 pages https://doi.org/10.1155/2018/8178305. HINDAWI, DOAJ..
• Mengistu Welemariam , Fassil Kebede , Bobe Bedadi and Emiru Birhane. 2018. Exclosures backed up with community based soil and water conservation practices increased soil organic carbon stock and microbial biomass carbon distribution, in the northern highlands of Ethiopia. Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture. 5:12 https://doi.org/10.1186/s40538-018-0124-1 Springer open
• Mengistu Welemariam, Fassil Kebede, Bobe Bedadi and Emiru Birhane, 2018. Effect of community-based soil and water conservation practices on soil glomalin, aggregate size distribution, aggregate stability and aggregate-associated organic carbon in northern highlands of Ethiopia. Agriculture & Food Security, 7:42: https://doi.org/10.1186/s40066-018-0193-1
• Yared Mulat, Kibebew Kibret, Bobe Bedadi and Muktar Mohammed, 2018. Soil organic carbon stock under different land use types in Kersa Sub Watershed, Eastern Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 13(24): 1248-1256.
• Mulugeta Debele, Bobe Bedadi, Sheleme Beyene, 2018. Characterization and Classification of Soils of Muger Subwatershed, Northern Oromia, Ethiopia. East African Journal of Sciences, 12 (1):11-28
• Dawit Habte, Fassil Kebede, Bobe Bedadi and Lemma Wogi, 2018. Geostatistical Assessment of the Spatial Variability of Acid Soils Properties in the Southeastern Highlands, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia, International Journal of Plant and soil science, 26 (2): 31-41.
• Assefa Gonfa, Bobe Bedadi & Anteneh Argaw 2018. Nutrients uptake and utilization efficiency of wheat (TriticumTurgidum L. Var) as affected by filter cake and bagasse ash amendment in nitisol, Journal of Plant Nutrition, 41(13): 1684-1694, DOI: 10.1080/01904167.2018.1459691 (Tylor and Francis)
• Bereket Haileselassie1*, Bobe Bedadi, Selamyihun Kidanu and Tekalign Mamo, 2018. Effect of Zinc Containing Fertilizers on Yield and Grain Quality of Tef [(Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter] in some Soils of Tigray Region, Ethiopia Ethiop. J. Agric. Sci. 28(2) 23-35.
• Getahun Bore and Bobe Bedadi. 2018. Response of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to soil liming under different land use types in Loma District, Dawuro Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Natural Resources (EJNR). 17(1): 43-59.
• Bereket Haileselassie, Yirgalem Weldegebreil, Selamyihun Kidanu, Bobe Bedadi, Hagos Brhane and Tekalign Mamo, 2018. Status of tissue Zinc and Iron contents of Teff [(Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] and Bread Wheat (Tritcum aestivum) and their relationships with some Soil parameters in Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia. Ethiop.J.Appl.Sci. Technol. Vol.9 (2): 1-11
• Mulugeta Debele, Bobe Bedadi, Sheleme Beyene and Muktar Mohammed. 2018. Mapping Spatial Variability of Soil Fertility Status of Different Land Use at Muger Subwatershed, Northern Oromia, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Business and Social Sciences. Vol.1(1): 24-76
• Alemu Kebede, Bobe Bedadi and Abayneh Esayas, 2018. Agro-Climate Based Pedogenetic Assessment of Soils in Kulumsa Subwatershed, Arsi, Ethiopia. Ethiop. J. Agric. Sci. 28(1) 51- 69
• Endalkachew Fekadu , Kibebew Kibret , Bobe Bedadi , Asmare Melese , 2018. Characterization and classification of soils of Yikalo Subwatershed in Lay Gayint District, Northwestern Highlands of Ethiopia. Eurasian J Soil Sci. 7 (3): 273-283.


• Soil and Water Conservation (SOSC 512); Soil Reclamation and Management (SWEM 672); Soil Science and Agricultural Land Evaluation (AMRM 551); Graduate Seminar and Current Topics in Soil Science for Masters students; Graduate Seminar and Current Topics in Irrigation Agronomy; Graduate Seminar and Current topics in Soil Science (SOSC 751) for PhD students; Introductory Soils; Introduction to Soil and Water management; Soil and Water Management; Introduction to Soil Science (to Year III Biology); Forest Soils and Site Science (Wondo Genet College of Forestry, Ethiopia); Soil erosion and soil and water conservation (Training for trainers in Diredawa); Practical Plant Science; Practical Agriculture; Senior Seminar (Supervision); Senior Research Project (Supervision)


I have served and am still serving (for some) as member/chairman of several societies; councils, committee and fora like:
• Member, Soil Science Society of Ethiopia (SSSE); Soil and Water Management Research Program (SWMRP); Dryland Agriculture Research Program; Student Discipline Committee; School Council and Graduate council; Senate Legislation Compilation Committee of Haramaya University; Senate of Haramaya University; University Council, Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) Deans committee;
Also served as member and chairman of Academic Commission of College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, School council and Graduate Council of the school of Plant Sciences; Academic Dishonesty Investigation Committee of College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Council of Ethiopian Deans of Colleges of Agriculture