A team of Professors from Purdue University, USA arrived at Haramaya University and lectured PhD and MSc students of the Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (Climate SABC).
In their week-long stay at Haramaya, the five internationally recognized professors including the Food Prize Laureate Prof. Gebisa Ejeta taught courses on topics related to food security, climate smart agriculture and biodiversity conservation.
Center students in one PhD and Two MSc programs attended the lectures for five consecutive days. Global Food Security, Climate Modeling, Ecology, Ecosystem and Biotechnology were some of the topics covered by the Purdue professors over the period of their stay.
The students and staff of the Center were highly impressed with the quality of the lectures given by the professors and expressed their hopes in maintaining the relationship with the university for continued professional support.
In addition to their lectures, the professors also listened to PhD students’ research idea being presented to them and extended their professional comments.

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