ACE Climate SABC congratulates PhD and MSc students, welcomes new students, and gives recognition for University-wide data collectors for benchmarking, June 28, 2022

Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (ACE Climate SABC) conducted a very colorful ceremony in the late afternoon of 28th June 2022 to congratulate PhD and MSc students that have successfully completed their studies; to welcome new students joining the Center including PhD candidates admitted through Partnership for Skills in Applied Science, Engineering and Technology – Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (PASET-RSIF), and to recognize the job well-done by the members of the Taskforce that had worked on University-wide Data collection and compilation for the PASET Benchmarking Initiative for the University to participate in the initiative. Prof. Jeylan Woliye, Vice President of Administration and Students’ Affairs, and Dr. Feyera Dinsa, Director of the Postgraduate Programs Directorate Office have granted take-home advice to graduates, welcomed the new entrants, and thanked members of the Taskforce for the job well-done during their opening and closing remarks, respectively.

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