The Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (ACE Climate SABC) at Haramaya University in Ethiopia has some PhD positions for interested applicants. The Center has been training students coming from different African Countries in its trans-disciplinary PhD study program conducted by a truly global faculty with sub-specializations since October 2017. The sub-specializations are in: 1) Crops, 2) Livestock, 3) Soil and Water, 4) Biodiversity, and 5) Policy, Institutions and Innovation.

The Center is also hosting PhD candidates who won PASET – RSIF scholarship since last year. Candidates will be selected on a competitive basis by vetting their academic credentials. The Center has finalized its preparation to enroll the next cohort of PhD candidates that won the PASET – RSIF and MERIT – NORHED II scholarships to start their coursework as of mid-March, 2023. Thus, the Center has remaining PhD positions to be filled by qualified applicants that can find sponsors to cover their tuition fees, research costs and living expenses. The Center will provide accommodation on the main Campus of Haramaya University for a reasonable rent fee.

Who can apply? Any interested candidate that has MSc degree or its equivalent in agriculture (plant sciences, animal sciences, agricultural economics, rural development and agricultural extension) and natural resource management (natural resource economics, agroforestry and forest management, biodiversity conservation and management, rangeland management, soil and water conservation, land resource management and administration, climatology/agro-meteorology, climate change, disaster risk management, and other related disciplines can apply.

Tuition Fee – Non-Ethiopian PhD students are required to pay a tuition fee amounting to 5000 USD per annum. However, Ethiopian nationals will have to pay in accordance with Haramaya University’s post graduate tuition fee policy.

How to Apply – Qualified candidates that can cover costs of their studies can apply by sending the concept note of their PhD research Proposal, scanned soft copies of authenticated degrees and transcripts, CVs, recommendation letters, sponsorship letters from employers or any third party (if any), publications, and valid identification cards to until 20th of February 2023 at 5:00pm (East Africa Time: UTC+3) All documents should be submitted in a single PDF format (i.e., not in separate documents). However, publications could be sent in a PDF format as separate document(s). Please, you should also make a CC to the following email addresses when you attach your documents for application.

Dr. Bobe Bedadi, ACE Deputy Leader Dr. Mulugeta Damie, ACE Project Manager
Email: Email:

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