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Haramaya University has been selected as Hosting University for PASET-RSIF PhD Scholarship in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation

Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (ACE Climate SABC), Haramaya University was selected as African Hosting University (HUAs) for -Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) scholarship for PhD Students across Sub-Saharan Africa.

RSIF African Host Universities (AHUs) are universities or research institutes/centers (Africa Centers of Excellence) in sub-Saharan Africa that offer a strong PhD program in one of the PASET priority thematic areas. RSIF African Host Universities are selected competitively by an independent, international panel of experts and endorsed by the PASET Executive Board.

The Selection of ACE Climate SABC, Haramaya University as one of the African Hosting Universities has gone through the systematic evaluation of the Performance of the University by representative expert(s). The capacity and resource available at Haramaya University that would support the PhD candidates during their study have been under critical examination during evaluation.

The Deputy Center Leader of ACE Climate SABC, Dr. Bobe Bedadi, has congratulated the entire Haramaya University Community and ACE Climate SABC staff for their success in this opportunity informing that the admission will take place in January 2022.

The Center’s Training and Research Head, Dr. Sintayehu Workeneh, expressed his congratulatory words to Haramaya University and appreciates all the efforts of staff members in the process. He says that it is an amazing achievement that Haramaya University is the only University in Ethiopia to be selected to Host RSIF program.

The Project Manager of ACE Climate SABC, Dr. Mulugeta Damie, has also congratulated all the Community of Haramaya University and says it is pleasing to get a long journey of hard work completed with success. He says ACE Climate SABC has applied for the grant twice in which the second application has gone through several stages of evaluation and finally succeeded.

PASET established the Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) to contribute towards the training of a critical mass of PhD and post-doctoral candidates, and support research and innovation in five priority thematic areas: ICTs including big data and artificial intelligence, Food Security and Agribusiness, Minerals, mining and materials engineering, Energy including renewables and Climate change. Interested PhD applicants can use RSIF website https://app.rsif-paset.org/rcu/forms/2021_phd_application.php) to apply for the scholarship. Since the application deadline is approaching, you are kindly informed to as fast as possible noting our early call for application on ACE Climate SABC website through this link https://climatesabc.haramaya.edu.et/2021/08/25/call-for-phd-applications-at-ace-climate-sabc-haramaya-university/.

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