Second Cohort Students of MSc, ACE Climate SABC have Successfully defended their Theses

Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation has examined its second Cohort of MSc students in an open defense from March 19-20, 2021. About 14 students successfully defended their MSc Theses. From these, 10 of the examinees were from the field of Climate Smart Agriculture whereas 4 of them are from the field of Biodiversity Conservation.

Nine (9) of the examinees are regional students and five of them are Ethiopian national students. Thirteen (13) of the examinees were females with only one (1) male examinee. Board of examiners constituted academicians invited from different universities and experts from agricultural research institutes of the country. This made transmission of knowledge and experience for the students and invited audiences at ease from what the participants have learned a lot from the open defense.

The center has also graduated about 21 MSc holders in the last year of 2020, hoping for more graduates both in MSc and Ph.D. programs in the years to come.

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