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The first PhD has been successfully defended at Africa Center of Excellence, Haramaya University 

On August 27th, one of the first Cohort of the PhD candidates at Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation, Matewos Habte Wakjira has successfully defended his PhD Dissertation in the field of Climate Smart Agriculture, Livestock sub-specialization. Dr. Matewos’s Dissertation title is ‘Effect of Climate and Land Use/Land Cover change on livestock feed availability, production trend and milk production in Camel’.

Distinguished professors, Prof. Mengistu Urge, academic vice president of Haramaya University as Chairperson, Prof. Ajebu Nurfeta from Hawassa University as an external examiner and Prof. Mohammed Yousuf Kurtu, from Haramaya University as an internal examiner have been participated as board of examiners on this PhD dissertation open defense examination.

In this season, 7 second Cohort MSc students have also successfully defended their theses. This is a continuation of 10 second Cohort students who have been graduated in the March of 2021. One among the students who have defended their theses in this season is in a biodiversity conservation field of study whereas the other six are from Climate Smart Agriculture.

To date, about 17 second Cohort MSc students have successfully defended their theses out of the 19 students who were admitted to the center.

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